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dating an identical twin scares me bc what if i get them confused

i read a book once where this girl was romantically involved with this guy who had a twin and they would punk her all the time and be like which one is your boyfriend you have to kiss the right one and then it turned out one of them was evil and trapped her in a dungeon with a bunch of rats or some shit

but that’s like, worst case scenario


s4/ep2 - Wolf Watch - Posey’s Poll
The cast on what adventures they got into during their vacation between season 3b and season 4

I think [Danny] figured it out a long, long, long time ago. And was like “I’M NOT TOUCHING THAT - Keahu Kahuanui [x]


Don’t ever leave me alone with your friend that I don’t know or I will hate you


the pack’s secret weapon’s revealed, everybody go home


”Life’s too short to get jaded, to not allow yourself to get excited by anything. This is not a normal job—it’s not normal what I get to do, and the second I start to think it’s normal, that’s not cool.”